Alpaca Fur Rug – Solid Color Rombos – US STOCK

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This is an adult alpaca fur rug with dimensions 25″ x 18″. 

BRAND NEW – Fresh made super soft adult alpaca fur area throw rugs that are incredibly luxurious to the touch.
These ultra soft, super fine, 100% genuine adult alpaca rugs will add character to any room.
You might want to place these next to your bed so that you have an unmatched luxurious accent adding something warm and fury to step on when you get up, in the bathroom, or under a glass top coffee table.
You can count on that these rugs will make exceptionally attractive wall hangings.
As with all handmade product no two rugs are exactly alike adding to the sense of exclusivity and mystique that they carry
We have a variety of sizes and colors. Go ahead and explore the options that we offer.
They are hand made of soft thick alpaca fur by expert Peruvian artisans with years of experience and skill.
The underside of the alpaca fur is leather and both the fur and leather retain their natural oils making these beautiful natural fur rugs easy to keep clean.
They will resist stains and aging and are in pristine condition.
Colors may vary slightly from the pictures shown.


Weight 1.14 lbs
Dimensions 0.03 × 0.01 × 0.01 in
Alpaca Fur Rug - Solid Color Rombos


Available Colors

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