Square Alpaca Fur Pillow Cover 11″ x 11″ – US STOCK


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Wholesale Square Alpaca Fur Pillow Cover 11″ x 11″ – IN STOCK at US Warehouse.

These pillows feel as heavenly as they look! The ideal accessory for your new Alpaca rug, these Alpaca pillows are as soft as they are beautiful. The muslin back has a zipper in the middle. These pillows can be stuffed with a quality fiber fill and you can adjust the filling according to your preference. They come in ivory, beige and mixed colors. Undoubtedly, these are the pillows of your dreams!

Alpaca Fur Rugs are made by hand in a thousand year old tradition in Peru, the Artisan combines the warmth of natural furs with modern motives to produce a tastefully unique luxury for the home. Whether used as a rug, a bedspread, or a wall hanging of your own design, you”ll have something that will be in the family for generations.

Individual Alpaca pelts are carefully selected for color, texture, and the fine natural shadings best suited for the chosen design; then cut to fit the field definitions in the design. Exacting attention is paid to the nuances carried by the tones and shading.

Measures 11 ½ in x 11 ½ in hide to hide


Weight 0.81 lbs
Dimensions 0.03 × 0.01 × 0.01 in
Alpaca Fur Pillows

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  1. Anonymous

    Great alternative to those who want to feel the real thing.

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